Browns asked Deshaun Watson to play in Senior Bowl

The Jimmy Garoppolo-to-Cleveland rumors aren’t going away any time soon.

Just months after completing an in-season deal for linebacker , the Browns remain linked to the Patriots in trade talks for the backup quarterback. Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported Wednesday that “the interest in Garoppolo is real,” but there are some uncertainties about the jerseys wholesale.

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“We do not know whether or not they will strike a deal for that, how willing the Patriots would be to actually part with someone who would be their backup next year and their big-time insurance policy in case Tom Brady ever gets injured,” Rapoport reported.

In Cleveland, this potential trade has been all the rage since before the regular season ended. The hottest savior is always the newest. But Rapoport makes a good point in that this might not be a deal the Patriots are all that eager to make, unless they get an offer or they simple can’t refuse.

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Leverage advantage: Browns. Right? Well, not for a team starving for reliability under center. Consider Cleveland’s quarterback situation. Long in dire straits with a few supposed messiahs (Tim Couch, Brady Quinn, Brandon Weeden, Johnny Manziel, heck, even Charlie Frye) arriving only to flame out, this has long been a need that continues to go unaddressed. Any young, capable quarterback who is available should and will inevitably be linked to the Browns, who never seem to have one of their own.

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But Tom Brady is 39 years old, and while he wants to play in the same fashion Cleveland Cavaliers guard wants to shoot — until his arm falls off — you can’t run from the calendar. If the Patriots truly thought so highly of the backup, why would they consider dealing him away with the twilight of Brady’s career barreling down on them?

Nike Bengals #96 Carlos Dunlap Black Player Pullover NFL HoodieNew England drafted Garoppolo with an eye on the future, and with Garoppolo’s free agency looming, is now nearing a difficult spot with the supposed heir apparent. The Patriots could reach 2018 with Garoppolo not under contract and fielding lucrative offers from other franchises with plenty of salary-cap space (Cleveland being one of them), risking an empty-handed divorce much like Denver saw walk away with his cheap jerseys. The Broncos, so far, proved to be the winners in that breakup, saving the gobs of money Houston spent on Osweiler, but also enter 2017 with and some uncertainty under center.

“There are going to be other guys that are not participating either, so I won’t hold it against him,” Jackson told “I don’t think that’s the right thing to do. He’s still a draftable player, there’s still a process we have to go through to evaluate him and see if he can fit here with the Cleveland Browns jerseys.”

The Senior Bowl gathers more than 100 prospects each year for a week of practices, followed by the all-star game, in Mobile, Ala. Evaluators from all 32 teams attend to watch and meet with prospects and cheap jerseys wholesale that participate in the event.

“Obviously we wish he were here,” Jackson said. “It would’ve been a great chance to have an opportunity to evaluate him doing the things we do in meetings and on the practice field. But that’s not going to happen, so we’ll have to find a different way of evaluating him.”

Watson completed a grueling a 15-game season on Jan. 9, when he led Clemson to a national title victory over Alabama. analyst said after Watson’s decision was revealed that he didn’t believe anyone in the NFL would have a problem with Watson’s choice. However, he also said Watson could’ve helped himself by competing — it would’ve been a unique setting for Watson to compete in, the likes of which won’t be replicated at the combine or his pro day. Jeremiah has Watson going to the Texans at No. 25 in his first mock draft of 2017.