Julian Edelman’s father evaluates his son quarterback ability

On Thursday night, will have to become the quarterback.

If all those happened, Edelman’s father gives his explanation, Frank Edelman is Edelman’s father is also in high school before his American football coach, he said: “Can Julian be qualified as a quarterback? I do not know how much he will finish the ball, but one thing I confirm, he really understands the team’s offense. The group, all the tactical understanding he will not have a problem.”

Julian Edelman

The team’s starting quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo suffered a shoulder injury in the game, the game the team may make rookie Jacoby Brissett starting, Edelman Substitute.

Edelman, the Patriots seventh-round draft pick, was the Kent State University quarterback. NFL’s career in the playoffs he has completed 51 yards passing touchdowns, but now Edelman rely on the catching to make money.

Finally, Edelman’s father said that he would give his son issued more instructions to run the ball if he was the coach, he said: “This game I will look very nervous.”